We are Proud to Partner with Longmont Humane Society

To launch our “Suzie’s Supports Shelters Campaign”. This campaign will provide low cost CBD to shelter animals, FREE trial sized bags to be sent home with EVERY adoption, as well as generate income for LHS throughout CBD sales in their retail store. The goal of this campaign is to help homeless animals gain access to holistic and natural remedies, as well as ease the anxiety frequently associated with the transition from shelter to home.

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Suzie’s Drops

250mg CBD

Organic Safflower Oil infused
with Full Plant Spectrum CBD

Suzie’s Extra Strength Drops

500 mg CBD

Organic Safflower Oil infused
with Full Plant Spectrum CBD

Suzie’s Drops for Cats

125mg CBD

Organic Safflower Oil infused
with Full Plant Spectrum CBD

Suzie’s Pumpkin Treats

4 mg CBD/Treat
20 Treats/Bag

Healthy, gluten-free and
super tasty dog biscuits

Suzie’s Treats

4 mg CBD/Treat
20 Treats/Bag

Healthy, gluten-free and
super tasty dog biscuits

Suzie’s Apple Treats

4 mg CBD/Treat
20 Treats/Bag

Healthy, gluten-free and
super tasty dog biscuits

NEW! Suzie’s Extra Strength Drops 1,000

1,000 mg CBD

Organic Safflower Oil infused
with Full Plant Spectrum CBD


natural remedies to improve the quality of life for both humans and animals alike

We are a locally owned and operated organization that was founded in 2016. We are dedicated to providing products with exceptional purity produced in a sustainable manner. We believe that natural remedies can often improve the quality of life for both humans and animals alike. Pairing hemp oil grown with organic methods and extracted right here in Colorado with other beneficial ingredients, we are proud to provide products that promote health and well-being.

CSU Veterinary Program Studies CBD & Dogs

Video Courtesy of Denver Channel 7 ABC News


Here at Suzie’s Pet Treats, we love animals as much as you love your pets.

We also love to hear what you have to say!
Read below for some feedback from customers and please share your stories with us!

Jeanette G. San Diego, CA
For months, we have wanted to integrate CBD into our arsenal of cancer fighting tools.  In fact, it’s something we have been researching for years to give Zazu (our other dog for anxiety). However we wanted 0% THC and were inflexible about this, so we didn’t use it.  Our friend Megan knew about our search for the perfect CBD and when she told us about Suzies, we were sold!  Their CBD is locally grown and lab tested.  We slowly integrated the drops into Calista’s diet and have had no issues.  We are so excited to see if/how it helps her and very grateful to have finally found a CBD company we can trust.
Amber L. La Mesa, CA
Before and after photos of Chopper, who was diagnosed with Horners syndrome, here is what his mom had to say…Here is Chopper, he is 9 years old.  In mid October, his right eye sunk in randomly and his third eyelid was showing.  I took him to the vet and they said he has Horners syndrome and he needed to be on an antibiotic.  He was on it for two weeks along with an eye drop.  After his two week checkup they had him on a stronger medication for another 2 weeks.  When back after a month and his eye was still bad looking and I was told he would need a cat scan which is roughly $1500-2000.  After 2 weeks of giving my dog your treats, his eye is almost back to normal!
Wendy W. Lakewood, CO
Here is Diesel patiently waiting for his tincture!  He loves it, and its helping him with old age mobility issues.  We love Suzies!
Kristin C. Denver, CO
Tre loves his CBD treats and tinctures.  He thinks they are lip licking good!  He has terrible anxiety when going for car rides.  He drools uncontrollably, and sometimes becomes ill.  We give him a treat about 30 mins before we go on a car ride, and it helps him to remain calm in the car.  Its been a lifesaver!
Yvette I. Aurora, CO
This is Truffles.  Truffles was diagnosed with a ruptured cruciate ligament on both rear legs.  Surgery was going to cost thousands so I had her on 50-150mg of daily pain meds and there were days that she would collapse and need help getting on the bed, car, and couch. I purchased Suzies oil at a pet expo and since then, the improvement of my baby’s mobility is truly amazing.  It’s like I have my baby back!  Even my friends cannot believe the difference!  Truffles and I thank you for creating this product, and we are going to order more soon
Rachel S.
Suzie’s Dog Treats are incredible.  I have two blue  heelers that tend to have separation anxiety as well as the tendency to overwork themselves on the ranch.  The CBD lets them actually relax and let their joints and muscles heal after a long day.  The older heeler, Ares, we believe is starting to get some arthritis and the CBD gives him relief.  We can see a huge difference in their behavior and health.  Thanks
Jacob A. Albuquerque, NM
Whether we’re rocking along the La Luz trail up & back or to the Eye of the Sandia, nothing keeps me and my dog going farther and faster than Suzie’s CBD treats. A year ago, my dog, Lexi, was having bad knee pain from some of the trails we had pervious trekked through. A few moves were difficult for both of us and she over stressed some tendons in her knee putting us down for a long while. After trying a few pain relievers from the vet and weeks of rest we merely hit the foothills and she was hurting again. After a few weeks of giving her Suzie’s CBD treats daily and rest, Lexi is back to running as if she was a pup again! These treats put us back in the mountains and they could help your dog too!
Conner V. Arvada, CO
Before Suzie’s CBD Treats, Xena was experiencing joint pains in her hips, and having trouble with daily activities such as playing fetch, walking up the stairs, and playing with other dogs. A few days after taking the treats, I noticed her pain was relieved, and she was excited to get started with her day. Without Suzie’s CBD Treats, Xena would still be taking over the counter medicine which creates other potential issues. If your dog is experiencing joint pains, I highly recommend trying these all natural CBD treats.
Marian G. Destin, FL
Max will be 16 in May; I have had him since he was a puppy. Max has always been an active dog taking long daily walks and runs. Max would always come running to the door when I came through it even if I had only been gone 5 minutes. The past couple of years Max has slowed down a lot. We have to take shorter walks and many times his legs would go out from underneath him. Max has been taking Suzie’s CBD Treats for 6 weeks and within the first 2 weeks I could see great improvement in his activity and his legs were no longer going out from underneath him! I have even been able to take him out on the pontoon boat and he was able to get in and out of the boat with little assistance. I have been recommending Suzie’s CBD Treats to everyone!
Kathleen L. Wheat Ridge, CO
Cooper is my 4 year old rescue dog, who has always exhibited signs of mild to moderate anxiety. Whether it is traveling in the car, going to the vet or when he gets a little spooked at night time. I witnessed his anxiety peak when an approaching snow storm seemed to upset him. He was cowering in the bathroom for a full hour, trembling and unwilling to move either for some attention or a treat. I thought the only thing that could help was the recently purchased CBD treats from Colorado CBD Company, if he would even take the treat! To my surprise he immediately consumed the treat and within 10 minuets he came out of the bathroom, tail wagging and slept comfortably through the storm. It was amazing to see the quick turn around. I highly recommend the CBD treats and oil for anxious dogs, and will continue to use this product!
Maureen O. Louisville, CO
Over the last year and a half Oscar has been plagued by injuries as he shifts into his senior years. Sometimes all it takes is a small movement from being startled, or forgetting he is 13 and chasing after a squirrel to cause back pain that lasts for months. I was frustrated with the way that standard medications were affecting him; they might have been helping a little in terms of inflammation, but they were leaving him in a drowsy, shaky state and it was causing him to be unsure of himself both physically and emotionally. We started seeking out alternative strategies, and since we’re lucky enough to be living in Colorado, those options are easier to find. Oscar has been receiving two treats a day (he is a big boy at 85 pounds) and this seems to be his happy place. He has been moving well, and hasn’t had any spinal problems in months. The treats leave him alert and happy, and he seems to move a little better every day! We are sticking with these for the long haul.
Carrie T. Fort Collins, CO
A friend of mine recently got some of Suzies CBD treats at a hemp show in Northern Colorado. I took them home for my newly arrived dog! She is a rescue dog who came to us from New Mexico where she spent her first year running on the Navajo reservation. She started hanging around a hospital where my friend works. My friend took her in and and as soon as I saw her photo I knew I needed to bring her home. Skye arrived on June 8th, dirty, terrified and sick with tapeworms, giardia, ticks and she was exhausted. We started out on day two giving her Suzies CBD treats to help with her severe anxiety and fear. After three weeks of intermittent use we have a less anxious, loving, and smart little dog! The treats help her anxiety so much, she is better able to focus on training and learning what we ask of her, it has decreased any separation anxiety and I credit the CBD with helping her learn the ropes of being a house dog very quickly. A less anxious dog is much more able to learn and feel safe, be confident and happy!
Jessica M. Arvada, CO
This is Charlie. He lives a very active life; he loves playing ball, taking naps, making his humans laugh, and much more. With his age of 14, his body is starting to feel old and worn down. He now gets bad seizures as well due to his advanced age. I didn’t know what to do for him. Thankfully I found Suzie’s CBD Treats! Now I give him a biscuit whenever it looks like he is about to have a seizure, or whenever he looks like he’s had a rough day. Thanks to Suzie’s CBD Treats Charlie can feel young again and be seizure free! So thankful!
Mary Jo B. Wheat Ridge, CO
We are so grateful that we found a way to treat our dogs pain issues from tissue injuries and ACL surgery! Suzie’s CBD Treats and Suzie’s CBD Drops allow Gaia to be active and alert without the side effects of prescribed pain medications. Plus she will eat them without us having to disguise the taste with peanut butter or cheese. It is great to know we are supporting a local business too! Many thanks, the Gaia Broer family!!
Elisa C. Denver, CO
It’s hard being a 19-year-old dog. Since eating Suzie’s CBD Treats, Willy has had more energy and limps less. Plus he loves the biscuit!
Michelle C. Wheat Ridge, CO
My little Nala girl was diagnosed with terminal Hystiocytic Sarcoma on November 3, 2016. I had just lost my other Berner Kaya not even 5 months earlier to the same. It was in her liver, spleen, lung, bone marrow, and spine. She also had five Mast cell tumors on her back, and thrombosis which is a bleeding disorder so they could not operate. She lost the use of her back legs completely. She was no longer eating anything. I pulled out all the stops. She wanted nothing to do with food. Her back feet would curl under and she could not right them. She couldn’t even bear weight. I had to use a sling to bring her in and out. The oncologist said there was nothing more they could do. I walked into Cosmos on November 5, 2016. They were so kind! I was in a fog as my Dad was given two months himself that day (also cancer) and I forgot to buy cat food. The owner asked how I was doing and I started crying and let her know what was going on. She gave me 6 treats to try and told me they would make Nala feel more comfortable. I thought sure, whatever she is not eating anything at this time and I had even tried bacon and ice cream her absolute favorites. I bought the cat food and thanked them for their kindness and went home. I threw out one of the treats and Nala ate it. Oh my goodness little girl! I was so excited I gave her another, and she ate that one too. I tried a third and she refused. By that time I was just thrilled that she had eaten anything. I took her out one last time for the evening and then put her to bed, because wherever I left her she had no choice but to stay. The next morning she was at the foot of my bed. Albeit it was only four feet, but that was huge for her. I said Nala oh my goodness look at you! No response. Nala shaking her a little. No response. Oh my goodness Nala shaking her a lot. She looks up at me like what? I figured what ever was in those treats two was too many. I was given six total and gave her one every night for the next four nights. She started trying to get up. She started helping support a little weight when I would right her feet. She was trying to move her legs by the fourth day. She continued to want to try and had started eating again. I went back to Cosmos, and asked what the heck was in the treats. They let me know it was CBD oil. I asked where I could get some and they said here. She showed me two kinds and I asked which one was in the treats. She said theirs and that is what I bought. She is given one drop every night before bed, because that is when the body does the most healing. By November 20th she was taking steps on her own. She was still having some trouble getting up at that time. Now she is walking, running at her own pace, and getting in and out of the car on her own again. She now has a new favorite spot on the futon where she gets herself up to. She is also on nothing but steamed distilled water with 1tsp. baking powder per gallon as it makes the body more alkaline and the CBD oil takes away the inflammation. The two things cancer thrives in acidity and inflammation. It has now been a little over 4 months since her terminal diagnosis, and she is running and smiling again. All five of her Mast cell tumors have shrunk and you can no longer feel the tumor behind her shoulder blades on her spine that took her back legs. Thank you so much for giving my little girl her quality of life back.
Joe T. Wheat Ridge, CO
Hello! My name is Blitz and I am thirteen and a half years old. I started using Suzie’s CBD Drops about three weeks ago when I could no longer get up on the couch. I was also suffering from skin conditions that caused me to itch all the time and my fur was falling out. Since using Suzie’s CBD Drops I am able to get back up on my couch, my fur is now growing back in, I don’t itch anymore, and most importantly I can go back outside and bark at my neighbors!

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