Our Farm

Our USDA Certified Organic Farm


is our pride and joy and is also what distinguishes us from most other CBD companies. We are one of the few manufacturers that can say we are vertically integrated.  This means that the entire process of production is controlled and overseen by our owners and done in house.  We know what’s in our soil and fertilizers, we grow our own Colorado outdoor hemp, we hand harvest, extract on site, and bottle in the same place.  Talk about quality control!



We can guarantee the quality of our products because we always know source.  Unlike many companies that rely on sourcing the most competitive price and compromising quality, we never have to worry about outsourcing our hemp.  Rest assured that you can always count on Suzie’s to be effective, consistent, exceptionally pure, and totally affordable!




Our Farm is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.  It is open to the public but only if you plan on getting your hands dirty!  We are unique in the fact that we use a cooperative business model to accomplish the day to day tasks that need done on the farm. Depending on the day you show up you could be assigned to weed pulling, transplanting, or watering and caring for the plants.




The volunteers donate their time in exchange for CBD oil from the farm.  This cultivates an incredible sense of community where likeminded people come together to help grow some of nature’s greatest natural medicine. When talking with the cooperative manager and farmer, Iginia, she will often joke that she never knows if people come for the CBD oil, the communal organic lunch, or good conversation.  We are grateful to have such a wonderful source and grow such incredible plants to provide our customers with pure and potent products for pets and humans alike!