Whole Plant CBD vs CBD Isolate

“A groundbreaking study has documented the superior therapeutic properties of whole plant CBD-rich cannabis extract as compared to single-molecule CBD.”

Many companies on the market today offer CBD in the form of “Isolate”, a white crystalline powder boasting over 99% pure CBD. These isolates however, are heavily processed and more often than not come from China.

We use only Organic Hemp grown Northern Colorado because we refuse to source a product that we cannot trace back to it’s roots. Recent studies have come out of Israel documenting the benefits of using a Whole Plant Extract compared to isolating the CBD and taking the resulting compound alone.

Whole plant extract CBD describes a product which utilizes the full hemp plant, keeping intact the full synergistic properties of its rich terpenes, secondary cannabinoids and fatty acids to interact with and enhance the properties of CBD.

CBD Isolate describes a product that utilizes only the stock of the hemp plant. These products strip out any other cannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acids found in the Trichomes of the plant. The only remaining component is ‘crystals’ of CBD. This product looks like a white powder and does not contain any other naturally occurring parts of the plant from which it came.

Read more on that study here: Whole Plant vs Isolate

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