Charlotte Figi's ongoing story with medical marijuana

Charlotte Figi: A Child’s CBD Story

Charlotte Figi, born in 2006, was a normally developing infant until the age of 3 months when she had her first seizure. This was just the beginning of her tumultuous bout with Dravet Syndrome which resulted in increasingly regular seizures and lengthy hospital stays. By age 5, Charlotte’s parents Matt and Paige had exhausted their medical options and their daughter was having up to 300 Grand Mal seizures per week. Charlotte could not walk or talk. Willing to try anything to save their little girl, the family tried orally delivering Cannabis oil with very low THC and high CBD. In the first seven days Charlotte took the oil she didn’t have a single seizure.

Matt and Paige had to pioneer and discover this life altering substance for themselves and after seeing the incredible good it did for their daughter couldn’t believe that it almost slipped by. Charlotte’s father stated, “My thought now is, why were we the ones that had to go out and find this cure? This natural cure? How come a doctor didn’t know about this? How come they didn’t make me aware of this?”

Charlotte brought CBD to the attention of the country and has been changing perceptions about Cannabis and Hemp oil ever since. She is now down to just a handful of seizures a month and is regaining motor control previously lost!

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