What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabadiol is a naturally-occurring, non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid that occurs in hemp. By encouraging photocannabinoids to bind to the receptors in our body we can assist in regulating functions; from natural plants we can find an organic, natural way to provide balance to the body. Learn more about CBD under the “About CBD” page.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes, of course! As long as the percentage of THC in an extract is under 0.3% then it is classified as Hemp Oil and can be sold, shipped, and ingested as a dietary supplement. None of the products we offer have any psycho-active effects and will produce no “high”. All of our products are lab tested to ensure complacent levels of practically no THC as well as guaranteeing the levels of CBD advertised are really present.

Where Does Your CBD Come From?

We get our lab-analyzed Cannabidiol extract from our farm right here in Colorado. By cultivating a close relationship with our partners at the farm we can follow our products from farm to friend to ensure exceptional purity in each and every item and know exactly how and where our products are produced.

What is One Full Dropper?

One full dropper is a the amount pulled up from a full depression of the bulb. Note: this will not fill up the pipette but is considered a full dropper since it is the highest possible fill.

Why Choose Suzie's CBD Treats?

We at Suzie’s CBD Treats are dedicated to offering exceptionally purity in both our products and our business. We believe that offering accurate information in a transparent manner is essential. No smoke and mirrors are needed if you offer a product that you truly believe in and can stand behind knowing each and every step of its production. Many companies selling CBD products today use an “isolate” form of CBD that claim to be 100% Cannabidiol, comes in white crystalline form and is primarily produced in China. These variations of CBD produced overseas do not meet our standards of a whole plant extract grown by farmers we trust. Our friends and partners are farmers in northern Colorado who practice organic farming and whose goal is to provide the cleanest CBD plant extract to as many people as they can. All of our products are lab tested for exact content of Cannabidiol present and to ensure the absence of THC.

Another tactic some companies use is to advertise is to display milligrams of cannabinoids present not necessarily milligrams of Cannabidiol. While it is true that a full spectrum of cannabinoids is beneficial working in synergy with each other, this can often just mean there is less CBD actually present than they are trying to make you believe.

By no means are we saying we have the only great CBD products around, we simply encourage people to educate themselves. Exercise caution when purchasing and don’t be afraid to ask companies where their products are grown, extracted, and lab tested.

How Many Treats Can I Feed My Dog?

There is no one perfect dose of Cannabidiol, each animal and person is different based on not only weight but also how their bodies CB1 and CB2 receptors inherently function. We would suggest starting with one treat, containing 4 mg’s of CBD, in the morning and monitor the effect. One biscuit for breakfast and again at dinner is also a great place to start for larger dogs. In some cases, especially for smaller companions, half a treat might be all thats needed. See what works best for your pet and find your perfect dose that keeps their tail wagging!

How many drops should I give to my animal?

This is the million dollar question.  We wish we could give you an exact answer but unfortunately every case is different. Depending on size, metabolism, age, and severity of ailment each animal will require a “customized fit”. We are happy to provide you with some general guidelines but we leave the final decision up to the pet parent, as they are more in tune with their own animal.

You’ll find that on the back of our biscuits, we recommend 4mg per 50lbs.  Generally speaking, the biscuits are more for maintenance and to promote overall health and wellness.  For more chronic or severe issues we recommend the tincture.  One full dropper of our 250 mg CBD Oil is the equivalent of 6 milligrams and one full dropper in the 125 mg CBD Cat Oil is the equivalent of 3 milligrams.  A good starting point for a 50lb dog is half a dropper twice daily of either the 250mg or 500mg tincture.  A good starting point for a 10lb cat is half a dropper twice daily of the 125mg cat tincture. We are often asked about overdosing, but there has never been a documented issue because of too many mg administered. On the flip side, if you aren’t noticing any improvement in your pets behaviors or mobility, you may have not given them enough.  A good rule of thumb is to bump up the dose by 2 milligrams at each serving, until you find the sweet spot! We know this can seem a bit overwhelming, but you’ll have the hang of it in no time! Just remember, with any holistic remedy the patient, diligence, and consistency are key.  Your pet will thank you!

Should I buy the treats or the drops? HELP!!

All of our products will deliver organic yummy phytocannibinoid rich CBD goodness to your pet!  The vehicle of transportation, either biscuit or tincture, is solely up to you!  The biscuits are great for ease of delivery, and the tincture is great for a more specific and controlled dose.  In our opinion, the biscuits may be be used to promote overall health and wellness in generally healthy and young dogs.  A biscuit a day, keeps the vet away! While the drops are more cost effective for larger doses, that are associated with bigger animals or animals with with severe and chronic issues.  The choice is always yours, but if your having a hard time making a decision, theres no harm in trying both!